a world of our own

wendy darling, 19, trapped in an odd new place
/closed account for lore-rp/

Willa Holland by Sam Muller

Willa Holland by Sam Muller


Pied Piper scratched the dog behind its ears, “Seventy Five.” He said, but there was a touch of sadness in his voice. It was always sad that he had to let the animals go, beings that he understood and knew so well. He hoped that this young woman knew how to take care of the poor dog. 

Wendy nodded in response. She had noticed the sadness in the man’s tone when he’d answered here question, it made her wonder if he was unhappy about something. “Is everything alright?” Wendy asked before she could stop herself. 

New Beginnings


"Wendy." She repeated so she wouldn’t forget. What a pretty name, she had never heard it before. To be fair, though, she had never heard plenty of names from this place before. "Well, I would love to see you at the party, especially since you have been helping me figure out this theme." It was a little tricky, but Belle loved a challenge. 


"Of course, I would love to be there. It’s always wonderful to get a chance to meet new people. Best of luck with the theme!" Wendy smiled at Belle. Maybe at this party she would find some of the people she had been looking for. Hook had said Peter was here and seemed to think her brothers were as well. This party might just be the place she found them at. 


              “This is so good, I want to c r y!”


Have you ever had ice cream before?


I like subtle chocolates. The kind that linger over the tongue and melt gradually rather than overwhelm. It’s… silly of me, perhaps. And of course, chocolate cake is always best with a fresh cup of tea. 


Probably somewhere in the fields with mine. What kind of gentleman can I claim to be if I do not offer my name before I do a seat? My name is Henry. I am very pleased to meet you, Wendy. 

Chocolate cake is wonderful with tea, although I do enjoy shortbread as well. That’s what my mum always served and it brings back wonderful memories. 

It’s very nice to meet you as well, Henry. It’s quite refreshing to meet a gentleman, so many people here are quite rude. 


"No. But he is interested." The Pied Piper said, not realizing that he was suspiciously empathetic with the animal. The dog grinned widely, as though realizing that the man was facilitating conversation. "He used to have a name. But not anymore. Names are what others call you, it is of no consequence to an animal."

Wendy watched the apparent exchange between the man and the dog curiously. There was certainly something odd about him, but she couldn’t quite place what it was. Instead of worrying, she leaned over and scooped up the dog in her arms, then stood up. “I suppose I’ll have to pick one out for him, then. How much will he cost?”

Drink up me ‘Hearties // Hook and Wendy


" I give yo my word that no matter what task I give you your family will not be involved in it." with that Hook stood up leaving some money on the bar to play for his drink, " In this world I work for White Arrow, and I have in office in their building we should be left alone there." Hook motioned to the door  with his left hand, the metal of his prosthetic hook gleaming slightly under the light, " ladies first, unless you don’t know where it is." 

Wendy nodded, hoping she could take his word as a promise. “I work for the White Arrow as well, I’m a secretary here.” She laughed at he oddness of it, although perhaps it wasn’t as coincidental as it seemed. Wendy lead the way to the door and pulled it open, “I’m afraid that I don’t know where your office is.”


I believe I was. The only reason why my horns, wings and powers have disappeared once I arrived in this place. Probably the human folk.


Wendy. Hm. I’m from a different world full of fairies and tree beasts.

I-I come from a time that has already passed long ago in this place. It’s the same world, with the same cities, but it all happened so long ago to everyone here. And when I was a child I went on a grand adventure to a place where children never grow up and fairy dust can make you fly. I think, perhaps, your situation is similar to mine.